Hello world! Here I am. :)

I’m just a girl, born and raised in the South, that happened to find her way out to sunny California. Landed in San Diego about 3 years ago and, I must say, I’m spoiled now. Completely, utterly spoiled by this beautiful city, amazing weather, and friendly people.

But it’s not all surf, sand, and sun out here for me. Life gets in the way quite often.

Who am I? Let me share some randomness with ya šŸ™‚

  • I’m a non-pretentious mostly-vegan. šŸ˜€ That means I’m a vegetarian who can’t handle dairy and really doesn’t like eggs anyways. I’m vegetarian because I’ve got some weird allergies. BUT- I don’t judge anyone else by what they choose to put in their mouth. I…don’t…care. Matter of fact, my husband is a carnivore and that’s okay with me. To each their own- just the same as I feel about religion.
  • I love all outdoor activities! I’m not especially fond of getting sunburned though so you’ll always find sunblock in my purse, car, locker, gym bag, night stand, spare sneakers, office cubbie, kitchen cabinet….
  • I don’t like wearing shoes. But flip-flops are a decent compromise.
  • I especially love otters and platypuses. Because, come on. They’re awesome.
  • I loathe cilantro. Seriously. With a passion. It tastes like soap to me. bleeeeh
  • I’m only afraid of sharks (the big ones that could eat me)…and velociraptors (the little, extinct ones that could also eat me). Velociraptors, I imagine, are like sand people. Easily startled but will beĀ back, and inĀ greater numbers. Big toothy sharks…well…you only need one.
  • I’m easily amused by…okay, I’m just easily amused.
  • I loooove love love singing Disney songs. It’s annoying, I know. But I can’t help it.
  • I’m chubby- and I’m okay with it because I’m pretty healthy otherwise. The extra padding keeps me warmer when playing in the cold Pacific ocean out here. Though…I guess I’m kind of like a baby seal: Strong with a cushy layer for warmth. Which means I’d be a tasty treat for a shark. Of which freaks me out. Ā . . .maybe I should rethink this whole chubby thing. Ā Damn.
  • I can’t watch scary movies without being a total puss. Sometimes, I’ll make a friend watch it BEFORE watching it with me…so they can warn me when something’s coming/tell me it’s okay. I know…pathetic.
  • I don’t like clowns. I’m sorry, in advance, for any clowns out there who may be reading this. The movie ‘IT’ ruined clowns for me forever.

Yeah. That’s good for now, me thinks.

So, what do I doooooo in San Diego?
I work with a really cool non-profit where I get to juggle owls and scorpions all day. No, not really. The cool non-profit part is true…and I DO get to handle owls (and hawks, falcons, snakes, tortoises, sharks, turtles) and scorpions…but I don’t juggle them. My coordination isn’t that great.

Teaching is my heart, animals and science are my passion… Maybe one day I’ll get to be the next Bill Nye or Jack Hanna.Ā Until then…I’ve got the little blog. With no readers at the moment.