Swim, Sherry, Swim!

Swimming to raise awareness!

EVENT DATE: OCT 18, 2013 – OCT 21, 2013

An independent fundraiser benefiting the Living Coast Discovery Center
-by Sherry Lankston-

A little hidden jewel in Southern San Diego, the Living Coast is home to green sea turtles, sharks, bat rays, Moray eels, hundreds of fishes, eagles, owls, falcons, and more…all there to help educate kids and their families about local wildlife, conservation, and appreciation of the living Earth. Located on a salt-water marsh in a Wildlife Refuge, the Living Coast is in a class all of its own.

·Click here to learn about the animals that call this place home.
· Click here to watch a video about the schools that hold their classes there.
·And here’s an adorable video showing a Sea Turtle encounter!

It’s small and doesn’t have the same kind of national recognition or support that larger zoos and aquariums have (yet), like Birch or the San Diego Zoo. Let’s come together to show our support for the underdog!

WiLDCOAST kickoff on 10/18/13
Our community partner WiLDCOAST will be hosting a storm drain stenciling project in La Jolla to kick off ‘Swim, Sherry, Swim!’ and raise awareness for our living coasts. Join us as we learn about our Marine Protected Areas and help stencil storm drains throughout the community to remind people that ‘the solution is to prevent pollution!’

Bring out your sunblock, reusable water bottles, and a sense of adventure as you join WiLDCOAST in search of storm drains that need stenciling- and then putting the ‘conservation spin’ on what otherwise might be graffiti. I mean, really…how often do you get to permanently paint public property? 😀

*Meet near the Southern restrooms at La Jolla Shores/Kellogg Park
8200 Camino Del Oro, San Diego, CA 92037

San Diego Coastkeeper wrap-up on 10/21/13
“We’re hosting a sunset beach cleanup at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21, in Coronado to help our friends at Living Coast Discovery Center. Join the effort to show Coronado Beach a little love and chat with Sherry Lankston about her epic, awareness-raising swim from La Jolla to Coronado. Meet at the end of G Avenue in Coronado and bring your reusable water bottle, bucket and gardening gloves.”

toggle title=”SO! Here’s the plan.

We’re going to swim/snorkel/kayak/paddle board/SCUBA dive the San Diego coastline to raise awareness for this beautiful place and the amazing animals and habitats that it holds dear.

Really. From La Jolla- down past Coronado. (see map).

Personally, (Sherry) I’m going to attempt to swim the whole thing. It’s a bit over 30 miles. And I’m not even in that good of shape!!! Plus, my biggest fear is being eaten by a shark and October is one of the higher shark attack months…BUT…It’s that special and that unique of a place that I’m willing ‘risk’ life and limb 😉

While swimming, we’ll be filming the journey:

  • answering questions from you guys while swimming in the great blue
  • taking water samples & documenting any pollution found
  • photographing wildlife and habitats
  • SCUBA diving to get below the surface each day!

All of this, you’ll experience with us and…
If you’re in San Diego? We’d love to invite you out to:

  • join us out on the water! (kayak, paddle board, boating)
  • participate in daily beach clean-ups
  • join us each night at a different beachy location (TBA) to celebrate and rehash exciting adventures of the day
  • The Living Coast has offered to bring out some of their amazing animals to visit with you along the way. Have you ever seen a Barn Owl on the beach? It’s pretty cool.

We’d like to raise at least $50k to get started.

If you amazing people can join together to raise more, let’s add some extra entertainment value!

$100k: Sherry will swim it...in a mermaid tail! Yup. And she’ll stop by a few beaches IN the tail on the way down to say hello to kids and flop around in the surf.

But…why swim? Swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and diving the San Diego coastline will help raise awareness for the things that we can do to help keep our oceans and beaches healthy: water conservation, watershed/pollution, the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse, & recycle!), wildlife conservation, and sustainable practices in our everyday lives!

ALL FUNDS FROM THIS FUNDRAISER WILL GO INTO A RESTRICTED ACCOUNT RESERVED FOR THE CARE AND SUPPORT OF THE AQUATIC PROGRAMS: Daily feeding and care for the sea turtles, sharks, rays, octopus, and all the other cool underwater creatures that call LCDC home.

Want to join the team?
Are you a fan of kayaking, paddleboard, swimming, or snorkeling? Join the relay team and pick any leg you’d like. Get your friends and family to sponsor your miles and help us make a difference-then come celebrate with us at night! You’ll get a full schedule well in advance so you can plan.  and we’ll have an in person round-up a week before the relay so that we’re all on the same wave. (ha ha, see what we did there?) SwimSherrySwim@gmail.com

We need support crew! Have a boat? Like to talk long walks on the beach? Maybe you’re a videographer/photographer or have some other fun talent? Bring it! SwimSherrySwim@gmail.com

Are you a restaurant by the coast or water recreation company?
There are opportunities for you to get involved as well! They won’t cost anything out of pocket, but will still allow you to get recognition for supporting the cause while drumming up business for your company. Earned Marketing 101!

Large individual donations ($1000+) or Sponsorships options?
Send me a message and we’ll figure out how to get you the appropriate recognition and participation level.


Check out this page for more details! 🙂

Questions? Please ask! We’re an open book.

– See more at: http://www.crowdrise.com/swimsandiego/fundraiser/sherrylankston#sthash.LR0Bb4ea.dpuf


Why do they need our help?

Here’s a quick history lesson: Opened in 1987 by the City of Chula Vista- the formally called ‘Chula Vista Nature Center’ was sort of like a public park. Not really advertised, not needing to fund raise, all run by the city itself on the city’s dime. Fast forward to 2009- the City of CV was going to have to close the Nature Center due to a financial crisis- when, instead, it was taken over as a 501(c)3 Educational non-profit.
With this transition, the now Living Coast took on full operating expenses from scratch- in hopes that they could move fast enough to build up the fundraising structure (that other museums and zoos have developed over several decades) to survive. Why take on such a difficult task? Because they loved this place. It was worth the risk.

So, now they’ve been trudging along for 3+years now. The economy for non-profits and funding sources have dwindled. Larger companies are no longer able to continue funding the educational programs that the Living Coast runs at a loss so that children of lower income households can attend/fieldtrips. They’ve got some amazing supporters in the community- but again, things are tight all the way around. It’s time to branch out!


How do I know all this stuff about LCDC?

Well, in full disclosure, I work for the Living Coast. Yup. But I’m not doing this for my job: I am not getting paid or reimbursed for any time off to complete this adventure! Not 1 cent. How can I make this promise in good faith?

This means that funds will be spent feeding and taking care of all of the Sea Turtles, leopard sharks, mantis shrimp, bat rays, sting rays, sea stars, jellies, and fishes galore! We are guaranteed that no funds raised through this challenge will be used for my salary or expenses.

…I’ve actually suggested a resignation a few times in order to do this wacky fundraiser so that people wouldn’t think that I’m doing any of this for the wrong reasons. They wouldn’t accept my offer…but said that I could do the crazy stuff as a volunteer. I’m thankful and lucky to have such an amazing team of people in my life. They are all so incredibly supportive of my dream!

BUT-If it takes me quitting my job to prove that I’m doing this for the love of the place and that love only- I’ll gladly submit my resignation (again) today. This place means the world to me and so many others. I just want to see it have a chance to succeed.



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